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Recognition of academic diplomas (“Nostrification”) in Ukraine

Nostrification is a procedure for recognition of international documents about Higher and Postgraduate professional education, which suggests the documents validity confirmation by governmental authorities in Ukraine.

You need to submit your educational documents for recognition in case you received academic degree abroad and plan to continue your study in Ukraine or to verify your educational qualifications conferred abroad for the subsequent employment in Ukraine.

If you need Nostrification of your diploma our experts will provide you with this service. We will take the time to understand your needs and answer all your questions, save your time and nerves!

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Time of performance Cost of service
80 working days 1920 hryvnia
40 working days 2880 hryvnia
20 working days * 3000 hryvnia
 5 working days 3990 hryvnia
Recognition for University College, 40 working days 2400 hryvnia

*available only for countries with international treaties about separate recognition procedure

The price depends on the type of document and country of issue.

The price includes:
– completing application forms, preparation of required documents;
– submission of documents to necessary authorities;
– official fees payment;
– continuous monitoring;
– obtaining a certificate of recognition of a foreign document in Ukraine.

Nostrification of educational documents is regulated by decrees of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and includes 2 stages:

1. Authenticity verification of any foreign educational documents submitted for recognition. Confirmation from state authorities of the country that educational institution belongs to, official recognition of the institution that issued the document and the fact of document issuance.
2. Recognition of the qualification level that complies with the educational system of Ukraine.

Required documents for Nostrification in Ukraine:

– copies of all filled pages in the passport. If your present last name, first name or middle name is different from the one in the educational document you must provide a copy of the document proving it;
– original education certificate with additional documents supporting the diploma (such as transcript);
– certified copy of translation of final degree diploma with transcript;
– power of attorney granted to our expert.

Depending on the type of education certificate, goals of Nostrification, country of issue and type of educational institution additional documents may be required.

Documents that are not subject to the recognition procedure:

– education certificates from the former Republics of the Soviet Union issued before May 15, 1992, according to Article 5 of the Agreement on cooperation in the field of education signed in Tashkent 1992;
– documents issued by institutions that do not have official registration (accreditation) as the subject of provision of educational services in the country they belong to;
– documents issued by a branch of an institution if the branch doesn’t have official registration (accreditation) as the subject of provision of educational services in the country they carry out their activity in;
– documents that do not contain information about the holder’s specific educational or educational qualification level according to which he is provided with the academic or professional rights.

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