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Tourist, business, private invitations to Ukraine

Documents required for filing with the Ukrainian Consulate: 
 1. Invitation letter  
 2. Travel voucher (if you w travel like tourist) 
 3. Passport 
 4. 1 passport photograph (some consulates require up to 3 photos) 
 5. Completed application form
 6. Reference from work, university or other documents that confirm your returning to country of living

The rules of issuing visas and the list of required documents are established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Visa can be obtained on the basis of an invitation from the receiving party. Residents of USA, EU and Canada don’t need a visa to travel to Ukraine.
Citizens of other countries need a visa to enter Ukraine. To obtain a visa it is necessary to apply at a Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate
(visa is not issued at the airport or at the border points of Ukraine). At the embassy or Consulate you have to be able to show your travel purposes.
Our specialists provide high quality assistance in obtaining invitations for foreign citizens wishing to visit Ukraine

Types of invitations Time of 

Cost of service performance

Private invitation to Ukraine (from individual)


7-10 working days

90 days of stay – 2800 hryvnia

180 days of stay – 2800 hryvnia

Document preparation support – 800 hryvnia

Business invitation to Ukraine (from legal entity)  7 working days 3000 hryvnia 
Tourist invitation to Ukraine (tourist voucher)  2 working days  1250 hryvnia

The price includes:
– consultation;
– statement preparation and a set of necessary documents;
– official fees payment;
– representation of a client when submitting the necessary documents to the
migration authorities.
Additional charge:
– registration address in Ukraine (if you do not have an inviting party);
– if we provide an inviting company +2000 hryvnia;
– sending invitations for visa to a foreign citizen (if necessary).

Invitation is issued by officials of the Migration Service of Ukraine or its territorial body basing on personal written statements for invitation to visit Ukraine
to obtain a visa to enter Ukraine. Invitation document issuance is fee charged. In case of preterm invitation registration, it is issued in the period that does not
exceed 10 working days and is paid double.Tourist voucher is issued by travel agency on strictly-controlled form.
Required documents for private invitation:
– statement from inviting side;
– passport document of the applicant (passport document return to the
applicant after its adoption);
– for foreigners and stateless persons who permanently reside in Ukraine – permanent residence permit; documents confirming employment, student status etc.
– confirmation of paid fees;
– certified translated (into Ukrainian) copy of the passport of a foreigner or
stateless person who is being invited.
Required documents for business invitation:
– application from legal person to register invitation for a foreigner to enter Ukraine;
– certified translated (into Ukrainian) copy of the passport of a foreigner or stateless person who is being invited;
– guarantee obligation to pay all costs during foreigner’s stay in Ukraine;
– certified copy of your registration card company;
– certified copy of the CEO’s passport and certified copy of passport of a person authorized to register documents for foreign citizens in a company;
– medical insurance;
– document confirming a place of stay in Ukraine:
a) confirmed hotel reservation or
b) certified statement from an apartment owner.

Required documents for tourist invitation:

– copy of the first page of the passport of a foreigner (copies of the previous visas);
– personal data (filled by our specialists).
We also provide any types of invitations to Russian Federation!

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