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Foreign Investment Registration

Foreign Investment – means all types of value which is being directly invested by a foreign investor in the objects of entrepreneurial and all types of activities to gain profit or achieve social impact.
The procedure of foreign investment registration in Ukraine is carried out according to the Article. 13 of The Law of Ukraine “On Foreign Investment Treatment” of 19.03.1996 №93/96-VR and “The Regulations on Procedure of State Registration of Foreign Investments” adopted on 07.08.1996 №928. The State Registration of Foreign Investments is made by the public administration after its actual investment.
There is an economic activity regime provided by the legislation and international treaties on the territory of Ukraine for foreign investment.

Firm “Vizantiia” provides legal service in registration of foreign investments in Ukraine. We will professionally assist you at all the stages of the registration process, optimize your costs and save your time!

Registration period Cost of service
 30 working days.
4000 hryvnia

The price includes:

– consultation;
– all required documents preparation;
– opening an investment account;
– payment of state dues and official fees;
– information notice registration in the Tax Inspection Office;
– foreign investment registration in the Administration.

Additional payment:
– registration in Kyiv Oblast.

Methods of implementing Foreign Investments:

– foundation of joint ventures with legal entities and individuals of Ukraine or acquisition of shares in going concerns;
– creation of enterprises entirely owned by foreign investors, creation of branches, divisions and representative offices owned by foreign legal entities, and the takeover of ownership of going concerns;
– acquisition, within the limits defines by legislation of Ukraine of personal and real estate;
– attainment of the right to use land and procurement of concessions to use natural resources in the territory of Ukraine;
– other methods.

Foreign Investors:

– legal entities established under legislation of other countries;
– individuals, who don’t have permanent residence in the territory of Ukraine;
– foreign national governments, international governmental and non-governmental organizations;
– other foreign business entities recognized by legislation of Ukraine.

Documents for registration:

Application addressed to the Chief of Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations and Investments requesting state investment registration;
Three identical copies of foreign investment introduction information notice marked by the Tax Inspection Office at the place of investment for its actual introduction;
Documents confirming the fact of foreign investment (both original and certified copy);
Company By-Laws with all changes and additions (both original and certified copy);
Joint Venture Agreement with all changes and additions (both original and certified copy);
Business Registration Certificate;
Identifying number assigned to an enterprise by the City Department of Statistics;
Documents confirming the value of foreign investments;
Warrant of attorney from a foreign investor to execute the functions related to the foreign investments registration.

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