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Certificate of not criminal record

Certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine

Certificate of no criminal record is an official document proving innocence of the individual (by the time of the certificate registration). According to it the individual has not been convicted and is not being sought.

Certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine can be obtained for using in the territory of Ukraine and abroad.


Time of performance


1 working day

250 UAH

3 working days

180 UAH

5 working days

170 UAH

12 working days

160 UAH

Certificate of no criminal record can be obtained in case of:

– having lost your passport (Ukrainian citizen);
– submission to the bank;
– obtaining of a Visa for travel abroad;
– for permanent residence leave;
– if you are a witness to a crime;
– job placement abroad and in Ukraine;
– a license to carry a gun;
– execution of documents for the bodies of social security;
– adoption and guardianship;
– obtaining of a license to work with the drugs, precursors, psychotropic substances;
– submission to the organization of foreign countries;
– execution of citizenship;
– other.

To obtain a certificate of no criminal record you have to:

– choose a goal to provide the certificate of no criminal record;
– list all the previous names and surnames;
– a copy of passport including residence permit page;

For foreign citizens:

–         a copy of passport with a copy of Visa;

–         a copy of residence permit in Ukraine.

Certificate of no criminal record is valid:

–         for 30 days in the territory of Ukraine;

–         for 90 days abroad.

We also offer apostile and legalization of certificate of no criminal record.

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